Wedge Fitting – How It’s Done

Martin Park AcademyHere’s and excerpt from my good friend in Denmark, Martin Park’s post on proper wedge fitting:

I had a conversation in recent weeks on Twitter about fitting wedges and what was the best way to go about it. I’ve written below the method I use in fitting and building wedges and as you’ll see, the options are extensive and cover pretty much every type of player.

I am assuming that you professionals agree with me that correctly fitted clubs will improve a golfer’s game. I know this to be true, but one area I believe is often overlooked when fitting is the short game. Wedges and putters.

If we are to believe the statistics, it is estimated that around 60% of the game is played from within a hundred yards. Therefore, is it not logical that if we can improve a player’s ability from this distance then we can significantly improve their score?

The rest of the post can be read by clicking this link: Get More Wedge for your Money

In the future, I will also be reviewing a wedge fitting system created by JP Harrington and Mike Adams. JP grinds all the wedges by hand for the players specific needs.