This Fall Just Keeps Getting Worse

As you may recall, I was having problems with both elbows. a few weeks ago, I had arthroscopic surgery on my right elbow to resolve some minor UCL problems. next Tues, I was schedled to have cubital tunnel surgery on the left elbow to resolve probems with the ulnar nerve.

Well, on the way over to Manchester, NH, same clown pulls out right in from of me, and then locks on the brakes. I had no chance and plowed right into him. Air bags deploy, and my head was thrown into the driver’s side window, my right elbow pounded the stick shift, and now my right arm is in a sling. My new Evo is totalled, but Thank God my club clubs were not in the car. My son had to come get me, and my wonderful doctor stopped in he office today, took a quick X-ray, faxed it to my orthopedic guy’s house, and gave me a generous supply of Demerol. We may have a slight fracture of some bone, the the UCL did not show anythig on the X-ray.

John, I guess there is a bright side. This could be July, instead of November. I hope alll is going far better in Graham’s World than around here.