3D D-Plane Video

This page will contain links and videos to help explain what the D-Plane is and how the D-Plane works.

Testimonials about the Complete D Plane Video:


Great job by you both – Essential viewing for those who have a vague idea about D-Plane, 3D ball flight and club data – it certainly helps with clarity. — Martin Park, Denmark


I’m very proud to present to you a collaboration project with Mark Strong (CPGA) and myself called the Complete D Plane. This $15 video will provide a very detailed description of what the D Plane is and how it is constructed with the help of 3d imagery. Here’s a teaser video from YouTube:

The video is formatted for either Windows Media Player or Apples Quicktime. It is NOT formatted for mobile devices such as IPads. You can purchase the $15 Complete D Plane Video by clicking on the Buy Now PayPal button below:

Once the video is purchased, the video links will be emailed out within 24 hours (usually much less than that)

Below is a list of links to blog posts on the D-Plane:

D Plane for Golf

D Plane – How it Helps

How to Hit an Iron Shot Straight – D Plane Style

Straight Iron Shots – D Plane Style – Part 2

D Plane Speech to PGA Section

D Plane?

D Plane in the Bunker

D Plane for Uphill Lies

New Ball Flight Laws Diagram

Download for aim adjustment based on D Plane bottom vector changes.

Video Companions for D Plane Chart Download


Here are videos created by James Ridyard http://www.golfperformancelabs.com that show what the D-Plane would look like for some tour players shots.  These are not an exact representation but I think display the idea very well.

Thank You James.

Video Files Undergoing Surgery

Here are some videos I made to help: