Straight Iron Shots-D Plane Style Part II

In the first blog,, I talked about general conditions that need to happen to actually hit a shot straight.

In this blog, I will provide the hard cold facts and numbers to help you do this.  Here is a link to a download that will help you.

Please, leave your name and email address to gain access to the download.  Here’s a little explanation of what the chart does and what it does not.  This chart is based on information that can only be collected by using a Trackman club delivery and ball flight device.  The chart determines the adjustment to the horizontal swing plane due to the angle of attack and the vertical swing plane.

For example, if a player hits down on the ball, the direction of the club head at impact is different than the direction of the club head at it’s lowpoint.  This chart determines how much that difference is depending on the angle of attack and vertical swing plane.

This chart does not tell you how to determine what your angle of attack is or what your vertical swing plane.  It will only tell you where you would need to aim left or right (left for down angles of attack and right for up angles of attack) if you made a perfectly on plane swing to hit it perfectly straight.

Please leave questions and comments and I will add this download to the D-Plane page.