Short Game Practice Tips

Many good junior golfers struggle with being real precise with 80-30 shots. It’s a shot that you need to practice to know because it will be much less than a full swing.

My facility does not have a great area to practice this shot. I think it is very common with most practice facilities. They have a putting green, chipping green, bunker and range tee but not a designated area you can hit 30-80 yard shots into a real green.

I have to use my imagination to create an environment for player’s practicing this area. Really, all you need is a rangefinder and a little imagination. Usually, I will either set up a beach towel or a GolfRing at a particular distance out into the range.

You need to make sure you have something you can see hit so you can tell if the distance is correct. During a lesson, I actually stand out there and shout out the distance the ball went so they can get a feel for the distance.

Once the trackman arrives, I will be using it to work on this area. Trackman has a feature that will speak out loud the distance the ball flew. It uses the speaker on the laptop to voice the data it picks up. This will be a much more precise way to practice these shots.

Without this device, you will have to use towels or sheets or something like it. This is a dig it out of the dirt type of practice. You need to punch the clock and put the time in. I would say about 80% of your practice time should be spent on similar shots like this and the rest of the short game.