Putting Myths – What exactly is ‘fast’ about a downhill putt?

“What exactly is ‘fast’ about a downhill putt?”  This question was posed today by James Ridyard during a twitter discussion.  You can find me (@johngrahamgolf and James @golfswingrebel) on twitter most days.  I would encourage you to follow us plus a host of other people I have made lists for.  The conversation started after I posted this:

Speed and Time
Speed and Time

http://twitpic.com/z7j3o – Some serious putting information right here. #aimpointgolf.

The above comment was made by Mark Sweeney on his AimPoint Golf Forum.  He is talking about ways to practice distance control.  Bascially, what he is talking about is that the slope of green and the ‘speed’ of the green effect the amount of time the putt takes.

The above question that James asked was to bring to light the fact that nothing happens faster on a downhill putt.  In fact, it is exactly the opposite and you need to picture it that way.

Check out this video James Ridyard made that makes it clear as day: The Great Putting Race(currently this version is more clear but I’m working on it)

Downhill putts roll slower and take more time to cross the same distance as uphill putts.

We have to hit uphill putts harder.  This means the ball is rolling faster and takes less time to travel the distance.

When you are approaching downhill putts don’t think faster.

Think slower.