The Best Putting Drill from 6 to 12 Feet

You’ll need 4 coins and one golf ball for this drill. Choose a location on the green that is fairly flat. Place a coin on the ground as a starting point. Use you putter to measure out 2 full putter lengths away from the first coin. This will be approx 6 feet. Place another coin and repeat the procedure of measuring out two more putter lengths and place the third coin there.

Go back to the first coin and place your ball next to it. So you should have in front of you two 6 foot zones indicated by the boundaries of the three coins. Your goal is to see how many putts you can fit in the second zone with each putt being longer than the last.

For example, you hit your first putt into the second zone a little bit. Let’s say 1 foot passed the second coin or 7 feet away from where you started. Mark the balls location. Now your next putt must be past the coin at 7 feet but inside the coin at 12 feet.

Your goal is to get 12 putts that fit in that zone before you run out of room. Anytime you leave one short or run out of room, start over and ties got to the putter. The 6 to 12 foot zone is one in which we think we should make some. Because speed has such a direct link to break, it is vital that when you are in that range, you hit the putt the exact distance you want so it will break the way you expect it to.