PGA Merchandise Show Short Game Secrets 1 Day School

Short Game Secrets founders James Ridyard and John Graham will be offering a 1 Day Short Game Secrets School during the week of the US PGA Merchandise Show. We’ve arranged a day at the Marriott Golf Academy on Tuesday, January 20th, 2015. The school will run from 9-4 with an hour break for lunch at noon and has a cost of $250/person. Registration will be made by prepaying in full at the following link on our website.

Registration Link for 1 Day School at PGA Show.

The morning session will be all indoors discussing the theory behind our research and its results so far. As many of you know, James’ wedge info has received serious attention and he has been asked to speak at the National US PGA Coaching and Teaching Summit the day prior to our school. While he only will have an hour at the summit, you’ll get a chance to learn about it over the course of a day in much more detail. The afternoon will be outdoors as we discuss the practical applications of our research and how you can use it with your students.

Both James and I have been lucky enough to work with some of the worlds best players and learn from them in creating spectrums of the skills that encompass all the different techniques we see out there. We will share with you what these spectrums look like and how you can use them to help your players. Below is a little more detail on things that will be covered.

Putting Performance and Practical Green Reading

Putting Assessment

AimPoint Express Read Introduction

Putt Geometry, Putt Cone

Putting drills and exercises

SAM Puttlab Presentation: Stroke Matrix


Approach Wedges & Scrambling

Tour Player 3D Pitching Data Presentation

Trajectory and distance control

Learn the single wedge multiple shot system

Reading and dealing with variable lies


We offered this program a few days ago, which has a limit of 30, attendees and as of this post more than 1/3 of the spots have already been filled. If this is something you are interested in, I would save your spot as soon as your schedule is concrete. We look forward to seeing some new faces and as always we greatly appreciate all the support for the work we’ve been doing.

If you think this may appeal to someone not on this blog mailing list, please consider sharing this with them.

JG and JR