John Graham’s New Twitter Golf Pro Paper

John Graham's Twitter Paper

Welcome to John Graham’s New Twitter Paper

As the number of good articles on Twitter continue to increase, I was looking for a way to gather them up and put them in one place so I wouldn’t miss anything.  So far, the best I have come up with is what you see above.  Basically, it is a paper I designed that will go through my Golf Pro list and pull tweets with video, pics and links in them into this one place. The only downside is that it doesn’t pull all of them.

It’s still a great way to catch up on things after a good nights sleep as things keep happening in different time zones all over the world.  The paper will update automatically at roughly 9am and 9pm EST. Please consider subscribing to it and I hope it help saves everyone some time.  It is simply the best collection of experts on the planet that contribute to this paper and are on twitter.

I hope you enjoy it.  Click this link to check it out.



I also created another paper at Tweetedtimes and I’d love to hear some feedback about which you think is better. I think the tweetedtimes paper is more complete and I’ve heard it was easier to read on the phone. Here’s a picture:

John Graham's Tweetedtimes Paper

Here’s the link to the Tweetedtimes Paper.

In any event, I hope that one of these papers helps you to keep up with all the great information coming from Golf Professionals from all across the world.