John Graham’s Recent Trackman Data

John Graham Top of Back SwingJohn Graham Top of Backswing DriverI mentioned in an earlier post that I was traveling Europe teaching AimPoint Green Reading with my good friend Jamie Donaldson. Right at the end of the trip, I went to Austria to see Christoph Bausek and did some Trackman vs Flightscope X2 testing. The results of those tests can be found by reading this – Trackman vs Flightscope X2

While I was there, I also did a little Trackman hitting myself. I thought it would neat to share. I have nothing to hide and wanted to see how my typical swing numbers compared to the swing I was working on. I wanted to see if there was a real measurable difference or not and how much if there was.

I think it is important for us teachers to feel comfortable sharing information like this.  I am not here to impress anyone but rather to see the difference a swing thought can make in real, measurable results. Here is the data for you to enjoy, snicker, or whatever emotion you want to throw in there. =)

Trackman Data with 6 Iron

Trackman Data with Driver