Golf-Why Do You Play?

This question has many answers and I don’t believe their is a right answer. I play because I like the challenge it presents me. I have been very blessed to be “good” at many things. I say that not to be arrogant but to get across that I haven’t been great in many things. Golf was something I learned almost completely on my own. I watched and I felt and I watched and I felt. To this day, I have had only two lessons and work almost completely by what the swing and clubhead feel like.

I know that learning is one of the things I do very well. I use this skill to it’s fullest until I need to seek out more information. Golf requires me to learn things about myself in order to improve. Rarely have I looked inward for reasons why I haven’t achieved what I want. I play because it helps me to improve these areas which I struggle with. I have always wanted to engage in things that challenged me and golf is the ultimate.

I haven’t had the urge to play in the last few years. I generally, don’t play very much. I tend to practice more. Because I work off feel, I practice until I feel what I want, then I go test it on the course. With 4 children, I just haven’t made it a priority to go compete.

This year I plan to do more. After looking at the section schedule, it doesn’t look very good because of conflicts, but I haven’t been this excited about playing in a long time. I hope my excitement spreads and encourages you to get out there more.

Don’t forget to spend time feeling what is happening and checking with someone if what you feel is really happening.