Golf Swing – Simple Drill for More Right Swing Path

Here’s a little drill to help you with your Golf Swing.  I tend to use drills that you can’t do wrong.  In other words, if you are able to do the drill, you are improving in that area.

Here are some pics showing how it looks.

Golf Swing Drill for More Right Swing PathGolf Swing Drill for More Right Swing Path 2

Stick Drill for More Right Path

Who should use this drill?

This drill is for those golfers trying to learn what it feels like to swing more right (for right handers).  Those golfers that are hitting straight pulls and or pull slices. Also for anyone that curves the ball alot in a slicing direction.

Here’s how it works.

The stick should be place in the ground at an angle that allows room for the club to swing underneath it and the ball goes directly under the stick.  It can be used for all clubs and is easy to set up.  Set up to the ball like normal focusing on getting as parallel as you can to the stick in the ground.  Normal ball position for the club being used.  Swing and try to hit the ball solidly without hitting the stick.

Be careful not to aim more right than usual or set up more closed than normal.  This will make the drill too easy and won’t accomplish what you want.

Things to Watch For:

Some of you may have trouble hitting the stick. Keep trying until you can hit the ball solidly.  You don’t need to be taught how. Just do it.

Some of you may hit the ground early in the beginning.  This is because a swing to the right is more shallow than a swing to the left.  It reaches the ground sooner.  You may need to have more weight forward(toward the target) than you are accustomed too.  If you have a problem with flipping, this could also cause you to hit the ground earlier when doing this drill.