Gear Effect with Irons

Let’s start with a chart from trackman. Basically, what this chart shows is how off center hits effect the flight of the ball. Trackman determines a theoretical ball flight based on the d plane and it’s impact conditions it measures. Based on the actual flight of the ball, trackman computes where the ball must have hit the face to create the actual ball flight relative to the theoretical flight that should have occured.

This chart from trackman has encouraged me to ask some serious questions about it’s validity and accuracy. Depending on the iron head, the location of the cog and a few other factors the amount of gear effect should change.

To simplify into a one size fits all system seems below trackman, so I’m going to dig for answers.

I’ve started an extensive research project with some of the best in the world. A club fitter from the UK, an engineer, a trackman employee/teacher from the UK and myself. I’ll keep you posted on what turns up.

I’ll keep you posted.

Trackman Chart with Gear Effect on Irons
Trackman Chart with Gear Effect on Irons