Flipping – Update

Apparently, the topic of flipping is a big one.  I recently offered The Bucket Drill as a good drill to help with the issue.  I also did another post called Golf Lesson – Flipping where I showed some progress from one of my students.

I thought it might be a good idea to show you where he is now. Here’s a video from the previous post I used as a before.

Here’s his current video:

Also here’s a picture of him at impact from before:

Hands Even or Behind ball
Hands Even or Behind ball

Here’s a picture of him at impact now:

Flipping After
Hands More Forward

For most of you that have trouble with this issue, you’ll find that it takes considerable work to learn and create the proper pivot that will deliver the proper hand shape at impact.  Just for information sake, this young man averaged 74.4 in tournaments this summer with a low of 66.

Keep me posted on your progress with the drills and please feel free to leave additional drills for everyone.