Flightscope X2 – A Review

Flightscope X2The Flightscope X2 is the latest release by EDH, a South African company that develops doppler radar systems across many sports and also the defense industry.  My first experience with Flightscope was with the Kudo. I was in the market for a launch monitor and wanted to see the difference between some of the systems. My review can be read here: Trackman vs Flightscope.  That did not go very well for what I was looking for a the time and still to this day.  Flightscope continued to upgrade the software and firmware and later released the Prime.  I gathered some data from a side by side test of Prime and Trackman and those results can be read here: Trackman vs Flightscope 2.

This post will discuss their newest machine called the X2.  This machine is a completely new and redesigned machine.  If you haven’t read the previous posts listed above, I have been quite critical about the Flightscope machines and there ability to accurately measure the club delivery data.  Specifically, there ability to measure the club heads Angle of Attack into the ball for an iron shot.  This information is critical for accurately determining the clubs 3d path at impact.  The Kudo and the Prime, in my opinion, were just not as accurate as Trackman in this parameter. So the big question is, did the X2 solve this issue?

As far as I can see, the answer is YES.

Or at the very least it sure looks like it because now I can’t tell that the information provided is blatantly inaccurate like I could before.  This machine is a considerable upgrade from the two previous machines and now must seriously be considered a viable competitor in terms of its accuracy with Trackman.  With that hurdle out of the way and the fact that the price tag is still less than half that of Trackman, I think this machine will be tough to beat.

Here’s how my review went. I stopped by the booth to check out the new machine and was asked if I would be willing to meet with the CEO about it.  I agreed and spent about an hour with the CEO and Head Engineer hearing about the new features much of which I didn’t fully understand. =) After that, I went and hit some shots with a 7 iron to test out the one parameter that I was most curious about. Angle of Attack with an iron.  I hit a few shots to warm up and tried to get a sense of what I was feeling relative to the angle of attack it was measuring.  We then shot some video where I try to guess my angle of attack based on feel alone.  Here they are but no laughing at my stand up move. =)

Here’s a look at the numbers from the video. Sorry they are a little small and hard to see but let’s see what’s there.

Flightscope X2 Screen ShotFor those of you that can read the screen, you’ll notice a few swings that stand out as very different than the others.  There are three shots that recorded a dynamic loft less than 10 degrees.  Not possible with a 7 iron so these probably represent the swings where I hit the ball fat but they can surely be ignored.  They mentioned to me that they are hoping to be able to remove those shots in the version that get’s released in April and replace the data with just blanks so it is obvious.  You can see that all of the shots recorded a negative angle of attack showing a downward hit.  My feel also seemed to match what the machine was picking up.

Now, there’s no way for me to say that the machine is way off anymore.  It is clear to me that Flightscope is committed to overcoming the issues I had talked about in previous posts and I applaud them for that.  This machine is a little more expensive and also has a couple other features that are new. Those include an automatic leveler and an integrated targeting camera.  One of the other features of this machine is its ability to be used without a laptop. The integration with the Ipad is a nice touch and could allow for simple use on the course.

I also plan to do an extensive review after Spring time if I can get one to use for a little while when on grass.  That is really the last piece left but so far I think they have made great strides to close the gap and improve their accuracy.  Use this for what it’s worth as I know many of you have been very interested in this review.  Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below that you still may have and I will do my best to answer them.