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In the last few years, since I’ve been associated with AimPoint Technologies, I’ve also considered becoming and Edel Putter fitter. Edel Golf and AimPoint have built a partnership around some common goals. AimPoint will teach you where to aim and Edel putters will help you actually aim there. Edel’s goal is to create a putter that you can aim exactly where you think you are. Each putter is hand made and made to order. There is no mass producing, no stock model and no short cuts. Each one is hand stamped at your request and is also premium priced. This year, I have decided to go forward with Edel and become a fitter.

Here’s a little information about David Edel from their website:

“The Edel Story

You might expect that a guy who is devoting his life to creating handmade putters was born a master with the flat stick, too. But ironically, it was his own putting flaws that brought him to where he is today. David Edel is a PGA Professional. He had dreams of making a living playing competitive golf but mediocre putting held him back, so subsequently he began teaching the game. And, over the years studied swing mechanics, philosophy and club fitting with renowned instructors and tournament players, including Ben Doyle, Chuck Cook, and PGA Hall of Fame member Roberto DeVincenzo.

In working with players ranging from top pros to high-handicappers, Edel realized that the best way to make a premium, finely tuned putter is not to mass produce a couple of models and then find someone who likes one of them — but rather to build the putter from scratch specifically for the person who is going to use it. With that as a guide and basic philosophy, he created a custom fitting process that takes into account all the variables of any player’s putting style. The empirical fit-testing data collected at Edel Golf enables the company to have a complete understanding of how to apply the Edel fitting process to “set up” the right putter for any golfer. With this many customized steps means there is no way Edel putters can be mass-produced—and that’s exactly what Edel prefers. Every single putter is one of a kind. To Edel, that’s the difference between a putter manufacturer and an artist. When you see the ‘maker’s mark’ on your Edel putter, you know two things for certain: it was created by David Edel — and built just for you.

The Best In Class

There are just some things in your life that you want to be absolutely perfect —things you won’t cut corners on. These are products of true craftsmanship. It might be a piece of original art, a classic car, or a handcrafted, bench-made putter. Nothing is more important in golf than having the right putter—ask any professional golfer. You use a putter twice as often as any other club; it is the one club that can have the most impact on your game. The driver leads the way, but the putter closes the deal. There is a huge difference between an adequate putter and one that you actually develop a relationship with. The best putter you could possibly own is one that has been created especially for you. The top pros don’t use off-the-shelf putters and neither should you. You deserve a putter that’s been designed and built specifically to match your game, your stroke, the way you see and what feels right for you. And just like the tour professionals who already own Edel putters, now you can have a putter custom-made for you by a true craftsman at Edel Golf.”

There are 4 different lines of putters from the Basic model to the Variable Loft Series. Some come with special site lines, some with removable weights and others with removable faces.
Edel Putter Line
Here’s a description of the fitting process from the Edel Golf website:

3 Step Fitting Process

The three-step fitting process of finding the right Edel putter begins with a basic but crucial truth: golfers see differently. Each golfer relies on their eyes to set up a putt, and most golfers – even the best players in the world, touring professionals on the PGA Tour – have imperfect visual aim. The following quick and easy steps provides astute golfers with the tools and customization previously available only to touring professionals.


The first step is to assess a golfer’s aim. The golfer aims at a small laser projector that looks similar to an actual golf hole. When the ball is removed, the laser beam reflects off a mirrored putter face, then the reflected beam projects onto a black screen positioned vertically behind the projector, showing the difference between the golfer’s aim and the actual target.


After the golfer’s aim is determined, the second step is to find the right fit, which the fitter has at their side a unique system of up to 273 million component combinations made up of various putter heads, hosels, offsets, lie angles to find the combination that corrects for the golfer’s natural aim.

Creating the putter

Once the right combination is found, as the final step, Edel inputs that information to hand-mill a custom putter that’s a perfect fit for the golfer. Edel craftsmen use a combination of old-fashioned craftsmanship and modern technology, coupled with the best raw materials in the world, to create a putter that feels right, looks great, and is customized with the golfer’s name or other information stamped into the putter.”

I’m proud to associate myself with Edel Golf and look forward to helping you with 2 big pieces of the putting puzzle.  They will also be offering wedges designed by JP Harrington which I want to look into as well.  Once my training is complete, I will begin offering fittings and may start to include a fitting into some of my AimPoint Green Reading Clinics as well.