D Plane-How it Helps

As was discussed in a previous blog the D Plane explains the ball flight. It will tell you or give a really good approximation on the shape of the face and the direction the face was moving during the collision with the ball. If we assume a solid strike we can make some pretty good generalizations.

Understanding the D Plane shows why the anatomy of a straight shot is the biggest eye opener for most. It helps explain why swinging way to the right can be more frustrating to good golfers than swinging to the left.

Understanding the D Plane helps us learn how to work the ball and curve it out of trouble.

The D Plane will help teach you how to aim based on your swing shape or tell you, that if you want to aim a certain way, what changes you need to make to your swing shape.

Here are two articles that are absolute must reads from Trackman. They are from their newsletter and very informative.

Secret of Straight Shot
Secret of Straight Shot II

These two articles are what you use the D Plane for. Once you understand what causes what then you can go see someone. They can teach you how to make the club do what you want.

If the teacher doesn’t know the two above articles, turn around and call someone else. There simply isn’t room for someone trying to be their best to be given information that isn’t real or doesn’t work.

I always have to know why. These kinds of articles and information explain the “why” to me and it helps me to help you. I will continue to dig into the depths of the science so I can simplify it for my students.