John Graham’s Recent Trackman Data

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John Graham Top of Back SwingJohn Graham Top of Backswing DriverI mentioned in an earlier post that I was traveling Europe teaching AimPoint Green Reading with my good friend Jamie Donaldson. Right at the end of the trip, I went to Austria to see Christoph Bausek and did some Trackman vs Flightscope X2 testing. The results of those tests can be found by reading this – Trackman vs Flightscope X2

While I was there, I also did a little Trackman hitting myself. I thought it would neat to share. I have nothing to hide and wanted to see how my typical swing numbers compared to the swing I was working on. I wanted to see if there was a real measurable difference or not and how much if there was.

I think it is important for us teachers to feel comfortable sharing information like this.  I am not here to impress anyone but rather to see the difference a swing thought can make in real, measurable results. Here is the data for you to enjoy, snicker, or whatever emotion you want to throw in there. =)

Trackman Data with 6 Iron

Trackman Data with Driver



  1. Todd says:

    What was the swing thought used for the drill or 2nd set of numbers?

  2. John Graham says:


    I was working on hands in, more left tilt etc.

    Stack and tilt pieces for the back swing. I’m pretty new to it but wanted to see how much change it made.


  3. Rob McGill says:

    Were you satisfied with the numbers in the drill set? In other words did you see the correct change or the difference you expected? I did see a significant change in angle of attack. I have read or heard, not sure of validity, that avg aoa w a 3iron on tour is -3.2. So the drill #’s w the 6 iron would be right in line correct? Again as always thank you so much for sharing and helping us all be better!


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