Flipping – Update

September 4th, 2010 by John Graham Leave a reply »

Apparently, the topic of flipping is a big one.  I recently offered The Bucket Drill as a good drill to help with the issue.  I also did another post called Golf Lesson – Flipping where I showed some progress from one of my students.

I thought it might be a good idea to show you where he is now. Here’s a video from the previous post I used as a before.

Here’s his current video:

Also here’s a picture of him at impact from before:

Hands Even or Behind ball

Hands Even or Behind ball

Here’s a picture of him at impact now:

Flipping After

Hands More Forward

For most of you that have trouble with this issue, you’ll find that it takes considerable work to learn and create the proper pivot that will deliver the proper hand shape at impact.  Just for information sake, this young man averaged 74.4 in tournaments this summer with a low of 66.

Keep me posted on your progress with the drills and please feel free to leave additional drills for everyone.




  1. shane says:

    How come I wasn’t the example?

  2. John Graham says:


    What’s up brother? I don’t know. I just used him instead. Like I said, you guys have very similar swings and I don’t know if I have your original swings when we first met.

    Now that would be an interesting comparison.


  3. Chris says:

    It looks like his body is in nearly the identical position before and after; only his hands are more ahead (and therefore arms). It seems his weight shift and hip turn is the same in both swings. Is his pivot really different between the two? Is there some move on his downswing that resulted in his hands not being able to deliver the club in the proper position?

  4. tyler phillips says:

    Coach, in comparison to his, was my transition more or less severe?

  5. John Graham says:


    In his case, it was mostly a shape issue. His posture is slightly better in the new one but not a big visual change. If you look at his shoulders, you should see a noticeably lower and more forward right shoulder. Change in feel is dramatic though.

  6. John Graham says:


    Yours was more severe.

  7. Henny says:

    How did you get him to stop flipping??

  8. John Graham says:


    We did some drills focusing on his pivot mainly.

    You can do a search for the bucket drill. It was one of the drills we did.


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