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John Graham's Edel Putter

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about Edel Golf and their putter line. I decided that it was time to give one a try. This post will talk about my experience and offer a review. So, let’s start from the beginning. A few years ago, I heard about Edel Golf during one of my many winter online research days. I had always heard good things about them but wasn’t in the market for one.  Shortly after that, I got involved with AimPoint Technologies teaching players a more accurate way of reading greens. It was no surprise, that shortly after, Edel and AimPoint got together as they both had products around a similar niche. AimPoint would teach players where to aim and Edel would build a custom putter the player could actually aim.

A year or so goes by and I recommend Edel to a few of my players but I never took the plunge. I knew they were expensive like any high end putter and I wanted to be sure about a few things. With my extensive online network of connections, I start asking around about other coaches experiences with the fitting process and effectiveness of the product.  Like anything, I heard both good and bad. Over the years, it has become clear to me that there really isn’t any consensus across the golf industry on anything. Even though I knew that, I waited and tried to gather more information before going to get fit. A couple of times, I seriously considered becoming a fitter and I think that is still a possibility I haven’t discounted completely. The main reason I decided not to become a fitter was simply my market.

During that time, I took a trip to Europe and was presented with an MLA Putter. I wrote a post about them here. I was very excited about this putter. I could aim it like nobody’s business. It had some features that I wasn’t happy with but I used it for a year with great success on putts 20 feet and in. I had a little harder time than normal on longer putts controlling the distance. It had a little softer feel than I was used to and the ball seemed to come off softer than my previous model. For me, that was a benefit on 15 and in putts as I tended to be a little firm with those. However, it hurt me on the longer putts.

June of 2011 comes around and I’m in Cape Cod running some AimPoint Green Reading Clinics with future certified instructor Jane Frost. She had recently also become an Edel fitter. I thought here was a great chance to get fit and see for myself how good the Edel Putter was. First, we did an extensive fitting. For those that aren’t familiar with the process it is an aim and distance focused fitting. It starts out with an aim check with your normal putter but I didn’t have my MLA to see so we started from scratch.  I chose the most mallet like head they had. I was initially disappointed that they didn’t have any center shafted or face balanced putters as that’s what I’ve used for a very long time.  From there we try a ‘standard’ hosel and other things to see where I’m starting from. How it works is they have a hole sized hockey puck with a laser in it with a black screen behind. They place a ball between the laser and the fitting putter so the laser is blocked by the ball. All the fitting heads have a reflective face so when the ball is removed the reflection of the laser bounces off the putter face and shows up on the black screen behind the hole with the laser in it.

Edel Laser FittingMy first attempt was inside the left edge of the hole and a little high. Not to surprising. I thought I always had a bit of left aim issue and I tend to forward press a little just before the stroke. We fiddle and fiddle and my aim was pretty good with virtually everything we tried. It was inside the hole with every combination we tried. The thing that surprised me was the time it took me to aim certain designs over others. For me, Anser style was the hardest and most to the left. At the end of the day, I could aim them all but some I really had to grind over and I certainly wasn’t as confident with those designs. The one I ended up with, I could put it down and know it was good.

The whole first part, I was not allowed to line up the ball when doing my aim. I’ve read in many places that most people can’t actually aim the line on the ball so it wasn’t really worth it. I knew for sure that it helped me so I wanted to double check. I did a few tests were I was able to line up the ball first than my putter to the line. Not surprising, I was perfect with the line on the ball. I mean perfect. This made me feel much better because I had always searched for putters that I could square up with the line on the ball. That’s what made me say I could aim the MLA Putter so well because it was so easy to square to the line on the ball.

The second part was the distance fit. In all my research, I didn’t hear about this part. Basically, they set down a line about 15 feet away and ask you to roll 3 balls and try to stop them on the line. This was much harder than I thought it would be. We tried a bunch of combinations and our last one I got all 3 very, very close. It was interesting to see how the location and amount of weight changed my ability to control the distance of the ball. It turns out that this piece is the reason my Edel Putter has stayed in my bag. My touch has improved across all distances. It is amazing to see the difference. I still tend to be a little more firm than I would like on some of my 10 footers but my putts outside of 20 feet are consistently close. Certainly, some of this has to do with proper targeting thanks to AimPoint but not all. When you have the right target and you know it, your focus shifts to speed. With better control of my speed, I am making more 30+ foot putts. To me, that is a big deal.

The fit alone took an hour and a half and typically has a cost associated with it as well. It’s basically just like going to get a high end driver fitting. A little extra cost but a much better product at the end. As you can see on mine, you can also add personalized stamping to the head. Mine includes an AimPoint logo and my twitter hashtag.

I certainly recommend Edel based on my experience. They are pricey like a Cameron. About the cost of a new driver for the least expensive model (which is the one I have) but way more useful in my opinion. You also get a significantly better fit than with most Cameron’s. If you are serious about wanting to aim better, control pace better and shoot lower scores, give Edel a look.

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  1. Adisa Griffin says:

    I went through the process in June of this year with Richmond, VA based fitter Jill Hinton. Everything about the process and the product exceeded my expectations by miles. Jill was incredibly patient and knowledgeable.

    As someone who routinely missed 2 footers and averaged at least 39 putts per round, I wasn’t shocked to find that I aimed my Cameron Newport Studio 2.0 THREE inches left of the hole like clockwork! No wonder I got dizzy over anything beyond 10 inches. Distance control wasn’t great either. Of course, I was always trying to fix my stroke without a clue of how badly I aimed my ill-fitted putter(s) over the years.

    Jill fixed all of that in less than an hour! She found the right combination of head, hosel and aim lines (actually, one dot on the top of the anser style putter head) that turned me into a instant marksman. Then she tinkered with the weighting like a mad scientist until I felt like the putter was levitating and swinging itself. I was tempted to throw some money on the green at her feet and run off with the prototype like bandit.

    Instead, I got my putter about 4 weeks later (paid for it by selling the Scotty & and a new Odyssey Backstryke.) I cannot exaggerate how much better I’ve rolled my rock since then.

    It took about three weeks to really get used to it because I was still tinkering with my set up position and stroke. But after I heeded Edel’s advice about trusting the putter alignment and concentrate on speed control – I started dropping putts like Steve Stricker. (Edel packs a 3×5 inch thank you card in the shipping box reminding folks that their putter is custom fitted to make taking dead aim as easy as breathing. They should print that information on the outside of the box in bold print!)

    I’ve played 12 rounds on 7 different courses since I got my putter – averaging 27.7 putts per round. A few of those rounds were just gaudy – at least by my standards: 25, 26, 26, 27 putts. Played golf for 25 years and never had a sub-30 putt round that I can remember – until I got my Edel. When I set up to a putt now I expect it to drop. 100% certain of my alignment and my touch is great from 40 feet in. Was it worth the money? HELL YES!

    I wasn’t crazy about the dull grey finish of the putter head but I got over it pretty quickly. I hear Edel might be offering different finishes down the road.

    Bottom line: if a custom fitted Edel putter can transform a cockeyed hack like me into a flat-stick wielding god of greens – it’s the real deal. Go getcha one quick!

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