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Short Game Secrets Venture with James Ridyard

November 1st, 2013

On behalf of James Ridyard, I’d like to welcome you to the launch of our newest venture called Short Game Secrets. This venture will include Short Game Schools and a series of videos over the next few months. Schools will be offered in different parts of the world and a complete schedule of events will temporarily be hosted here. ( ) As more things become finalized, we’ve secured a different website specific to this venture for the future.

I’ve included our first flyer for a school in just a few short weeks in Port St. Lucie on November 18th. We will begin shooting our first video that week and thought it a good opportunity for those looking to learn and improve their short games for the winter season. To register for the 18th, please go here and register through PayPal.

Short Game Secrets

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The schools and videos will discuss information on both wedge play and putting with the specific purpose of improving your short game. James and I combined have arguably the most extensive information in this area which includes: AimPoint, 3D Tour wedge play data, SAM data and the experience with high level players to help you turn 3 shots into 2 and 2 shots into 1. Different levels of detail will be offered throughout the video series and golf schools.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our schools in the near future.

JG and JR


JR’s Weekly Winner Swing Review – Michael Thompson

March 5th, 2013

This week’s review of Honda Classic winner Michael Thompson’s golf swing, a great competitor on tough courses.

2012 Tweet Up Review

February 2nd, 2012
2012 Tweet Up

Back Row left to right: John Graham, Dennis Sales, Andrew Marr, Jason Sutton, Jason Helman and Sara Dickson. Front Row left to right: Kirk Oguri and Rob McGill


The 2012 Tweet Up was one of the highlights, for me, at this years PGA Merchandise Show. With the help of Rich Hunt (aka Richie3Jack) we organized a get together at the Brickhouse Tap and Tavern designed to bring together twitter users in a face to face environment. This year we had 49 coaches show up and discuss everything from social media to special types of tilts I can’t mention in this arena. =)

In typical fashion, they had to kick us out of the bar we were in again this year. Also, in typical fashion, did the heavy swing talk come out around Midnight. Sadly, I missed a fair amount of the heavy stuff trying to catch up with some people I hadn’t seen in awhile. I also want to send a special Thank You to the Dutch 5 for showing up. I met all these guys while I was Holland last summer and we had a great time talking. These guys really know how to have fun and use their time to see so many cool things. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

There were coaches from 4 different countries and I’m happy to say from nearly every ‘camp’ out there. There were Stack and Tilt coaches, Plane Truth coaches, MORAD coaches, Manzella Instructors, Alignment Golf coaches, McClean coaches, 5 Keys coaches MiniTour coaches, PGA Tour coaches, Top 100 coaches,  and a fair amount of no system or brand coaches. It’s not often that coaches from all these disciplines get together, let alone get together, to share information and talk openly in a friendly environment. This is what I am most proud of. Getting people together from all disciplines with an open mind and a desire to learn and share. That is why I choose twitter over all other forms of learning about golf information. That is the reason for this get together.

It’s always been my goal to learn from as many different people as I can and to do in a manner that I don’t upset everyone I deal with. I enjoy learning for learnings sake and have no stake in my information. I’ve enjoyed sharing what I have learned and will continue to do so. For the second time, I have been tagged as the Swiss Contrarian. Seemingly neutral yet always challenging. I think that sums me up pretty well.

Thanks to everyone that attended this year. I had a blast and hope to continue to grow this gathering again next year.

Here’s a little video made by Nick Chertock that has a bunch of the pictures tweeted from that night.



Trackman 3 – A Sneak Peek

November 24th, 2011

Trackman IIITrackman III is coming and it’s coming soon. Here’s a little sneak peek you may not find anywhere else.

Obviously you can see from the picture that the new Trackman will be much smaller and more portable. I haven’t heard about a wireless feature or bluetooth feature like the Flightscope X2. Here’s what I can tell you so far. They are telling us to be prepared for future short game applications. They are claiming it will measure a pitch shot down to 2 meters carry. A new battery which is internal with greater accuracy and better use on grass. The new camera will be a 160 fps camera and the machine will only work with the Trackman Performance Studio.

That’s all I know aside from the price being about the same as usual which is around $25000 US. I’m hoping they will have it on display at the 2012 US PGA Merchandise Show. Stay tuned for more details. If you know someone that might want to see this, be sure to share it using the social media buttons below.


5 Twitter Tips for Golf Professionals and Players

November 24th, 2011

John Graham Twitter Follow Me.

Twitter Tips for Golf Professionals and Players is what I have chosen to offer all of you on this Thanksgiving Day of 2011. Below I will talk about 5 things you can do to make Twitter a more powerful resource both for learning and growing your business. Admittedly, I have made Twitter a priority in terms of my marketing plans and business model. Some of you may not have the time or desire to approach Twitter the way I do so I thought I would help you with some ideas to speed up the process. Some of these tips will require some time to get the most out of but you won’t have to spend the time trying to figure out what some shortcuts are.

1) Find the Twitter Professionals – Seek out those that are talking through Twitter. Certainly, I would put myself in this category so please use me as a resource. There are so many in this group it would be impossible to list them all. What you want to do first is follow me @johngrahamgolf. I try whenever possible to make my conversations as public as I can to help others find new Twitter users to connect with. If you want to save some time, go to my Twitter Page and feed and look who I am discussing things with. You’ll see some names appear more than a few times. Those are the users you’ll want to start with.

2) Face to Face Interaction – In my opinion, this is the key to building the strong relationships in all parts of life. Just because you are at a computer screen and so are they does not mean you talk or act any differently. I see too many people miss this point. Treat the user as you would if face to face. When you meet someone brand new to follow, say hello. It is usually better to do a little research before making your initial interaction. Go to their website, if they have one or look through their feed and see if there is anything that interests you. Just like in real life, it is usually easier (more comfortable) to say hello when you combine it with, I read your article on “X” and wanted to ask you a few questions. Something in that vein is a great icebreaker.   When someone decides to follow you, thank them for the follow. Be Real. This is simple stuff that is often overlooked. People will gather very accurate information about you as a person (in my experience) from how you tweet so be sure to tweet how you want to be perceived.

3) Butt In - Twitter is designed to be engaging so engage. If you see a conversation on a topic that interests you, butt in. That’s the whole idea. Share the opinions and knowledge you have with all of us. Don’t expect it to be universally accepted. Information that is presented in a public forum will always be scrutinized and on Twitter it will certainly be the case. For me, that is a good thing. I like testing information for accuracy and Twitter is a great place for that. If you have questions, ask them. Do not be shy. We are here for the discussion so let’s discuss.

4) Follow All Halves of the Conversation – Here is a little twitter tip to help you follow along with conversations. In order to see the entire conversation, you need to follow the users that are being mentioned. Twitter will send to your feed all tweets from those you follow. If a conversation is taking place between 3 people and you only follow 2 of them you won’t see the conversation. Conversations on Twitter are done with the @ symbol. It directs the tweet to that person’s attention. If you don’t follow everyone that is being @’d you won’t see it. When I was starting, I would go to certain peoples feed to see if I was missing some conversations. Invariably I was and I would find new users to follow. I highly suggest you do this as I mentioned in Tip 1.

5) Google it – Here’s something that I did to find more Golf Professionals to speak with. I used Google to find them. Try typing this into Google and see what comes up.* bio+pga Basically, it will search Twitter for users that have PGA in their bio.

I hope you find this helpful and use these ideas to improve your business on Twitter. Please consider sharing this with those that you think might find it helpful by using the social media buttons located at the bottom of this post. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and thank for reading.