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PGA Tour and European Tour Weekly Winner Analysis

January 22nd, 2013

New PGA Tour and European Tour winner video analysis will be added to the site on a weekly basis. Analysis will be done by James Ridyard (click name to see his website) from Bedford, England. I’ve known James nearly 4 years and I consider him one of the brightest coaches in golf today. James has spent a great deal of time working with Tour players on varies tours and currently writes for Today’s Golfer.

I’m very confident you will find this new feature quite enjoyable for coaches and players alike. In the future, if time and video is available Ladies European Tour and LPGA Tour winners will be added.

The analysis will be posted weekly on the Page: JR’s Weekly Tour Winner Analysis

Last weeks winners Jamie Donaldson and Brian Gay is currently posted for your enjoyment.

Congratulations to John Riegger and AimPoint Golf

May 25th, 2010

John Riegger won his 2nd Nationwide Tour event this past weekend at the 2010 Rex Hospital Open.  John shot rounds of 66, 64, and 63 for a 54 hole total of 193 (-20 under par).  This score set a 54 hole Nationwide Tour record.

John attributed his win in part to his understanding and use of the AimPoint Green Reading Method.  He had recently attended an advanced green reading clinic held at the Rob Noel Golf Academy and given by Mark Sweeney and AimPoint Certified instructor Rob Noel.  Rob also is John’s swing coach.

Congratulations John.

If you would like to learn the same items taught to John at the advanced clinic, contact me and I’ll tell you how it’s done.

How to Shoot 67

May 22nd, 2010

Here’s a picture of Jordan Spieth’s scorecard from today (Saturday, May 22, 2010):

Jordan Spieth's Stats for Saturday

Jordan Spieth's Stats for Saturday

Does this ball striking look familiar?  I see this type of ball striking stats in my own game and the game of some of my junior and tournament golfers.  The stat I don’t see often, with this type of ball striking, is the 24 putts needed.  This clearly shows how well he either, chipped/pitched and/or putted.  How many of you are capable of shooting 67 when hitting 4 fairways and 9 greens?

How many of you are disciplined enough to spend time away from the range and focus on your short game even after a day like this? All the time and preparation that wedge play and putting takes, shows it’s true benefits on days like this.  To be able to score well on our off days is the sign of a golfer that can win a four day tournament.

This is powerful reminder of where your practice needs to be focused at the higher levels.

As a reminder, this is from a high school golfer.  Youngest to have chance to win a PGA Tour event in a long time.

How to Make More Birdies

April 27th, 2010

I get this question often. How do I make more birdies? I wrote a blog post a while ago called Make More Birdies!!!! that talked about getting comfortable knowing that you need to make at least 5 birdies a round to be tournament competitive.  However, that post didn’t give any advice on how to do it.  Let’s address a common problem I see for very good golfers.

I see too many golfers trying to make birdie with their irons.  By that, I mean they are trying to stuff it in every chance they get so they skip over the putt part of making the birdie.  I think Jason Sutton wrote a nice post about red, yellow and green light pins.  Here’s a link to his article.  This post talks about how player’s will aim at every flag.  As a player improves, there needs to be a point when they determine for themselves which opportunities to try and take advantage of.   There also needs to be a point where they determine where is the best place on the green to be putting from.

Players need to learn that the best rounds come from making birdies with the putter and not the iron.  Clearly, having an iron game that will allow you to hit specific places on the green is important but more attention needs to be paid to sinking more putts from the easy locations on the green even if they are a little farther away.  Where to putt from is at least as important to birdie making as distance from the hole.  I’ve seen many player’s miss 3 footers from the wrong side of the hole and ended up in a far worse situation than someone 10 feet from the hole but on the right side.  Learn how to read the green from the fairway so you can choose a proper landing position.  This will not only give your putter a chance to shine, it will also help prevent bogies.  Many times, 3 putt bogies are due to poor iron play location and not necessarily poor putting.

Clearly, the par 5′s will provide the best chances for birdies.  Good driving and wedge play become very important for making birdies here.

Just remember that you will more often shoot lower scores by making birdies with the putter vs. the irons.

Make More Birdies!!!!

July 16th, 2009
I hope it is becoming clear to you tournament player’s out there. You can not compete without birdies and lots of them. Rarely do you see 67′s or lower without at least one bogey. If you make 6 or 7 or 8 birdies, it’s pretty hard to shoot a high score. If you only make 1 or 2 birdies, you can not shoot low. Add in a couple bogeys and you can’t compete.

So how does someone learn to make more birdies? I think it starts with the understanding that the goal is make more birdies. It isn’t about getting 1 or 2 under. That is not enough. You need to keep trying for more. Learning to let go of the fear of messing up your round is the challenge. Just as it is to mentally prepare for the idea that you need to birdie a bunch of holes and not to let up.

I’ve always said to try and make everything. This does not mean hit it harder. It means make putts. Working with the aimchart and getting a better understanding of how to read the green will help. When you start making more birdies, you will see a change in your scoring.