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Ben Hogan, Deliberate Practice and the Secret

September 26th, 2012

Ben Hogan. The name calls out for a player to work hard and practice as he did. Here’s a paper by Scott Jenkins titled, “Digging it out of the Dirt: Ben Hogan, Deliberate Practice and the Secret”.

From the Abstract, “The purpose of this article is to use Anders Ericsson’s theory of deliberate practice to examine the way in which the legendary golfer Ben Hogan worked on his game.” Is was first published in the ” Annual Review of Golf Coaching 2010″

Digging it out of the Dirt: Ben Hogan, Deliberate Practice and the Secret

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Measuring Stimp – Hand this to your Greenskeepers

September 23rd, 2012

Measuring Stimp. It seems like such a simple process. It turns out that the process is simple. The problem is in the fact that greens seldom have flat areas on them to measure. The standard method has been to measure some down hill and some uphill and then average them. Depending on the amount of slope this usually leads to readings that are too high. Here’s a paper that can help with this problem. It’s titled “Measuring Green Speed on Sloped Putting Greens” by A. Douglas Brede, Ph.D.

I get asked quite often from players and coaches at an AimPoint Clinic if the speed of the green they post in the pro shop is accurate. I tell them to check themselves the way I’ve taught them. It’s been my experience that this way of adjustment has not made it out into the mainstream very well because the shop number is usually too high. Hope you enjoy it and please feel free to pass it on to those that could benefit from it.

Measuring Green Speed on Sloped Putting Greens

I’d be very appreciative if those of you that know AimPoint and have access to a stimpmeter could do some testing and report on the accuracy of this method in the comments below. Look forward to reading them.


Green Reading Most Important Skill in Putting?

September 22nd, 2012

Is Green Reading the most important skill in putting? According to Jon Karlsen, it is for elite players. Jon Karlsen wrote this dissertation  “Performance in Golf Putting” in 2010 from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. It’s a long read but I hope you enjoy it. Here’s the Introduction in his abstract to give you an idea of what the paper is about.


Putting, which accounts for about 40 – 45 % of shots in elite golf, is a complex skill. To perform in putting an elite player needs to master green reading, putter aim and technique. Mental skills, equipment and strategy may also affect performance. Although several research papers have been published on the subject of putting, only a few focus specifically on putting performance. The aim of the thesis is to investigate different factors affecting performance in golf putting for elite players, and to compare the importance of those factors.”

Click on the link in the first paragraph to read. As I mentioned before, every other day or so, I’ll share a piece from my resource library for you to read or watch. Some will be geared more toward coaches and some toward players. As I’m sure you also know, green reading is now my main focus in teaching. I will be expanding to putting in general as time goes on so I look forward to working with you on AimPoint, your aim, your touch and/or your stroke.

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Plumb-bobbing – What Value Does it Have?

September 20th, 2012

Plumb-bobbing. A skill? A myth? I’ve talked this subject with many players and coaches and heard many different ideas on the matter. Here’s a little paper discussing the validity of the approach by Sasho MacKensie and Eric Sprigings in 2005 titled “Evaluation of the plumb-bob method for reading greens in putting” for the Journal of Sport Sciences. Hope you enjoy it.

Plumb-bob Paper

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Assessment of Planarity of the Golf Swing Based on the Functional Swing Plane of the Clubhead and Motion Planes of the Body Points in Golf

September 18th, 2012

Functional Swing Plane is a great read about the golf swing and body segments and how they relate to each other. Information in here that may bring to light multiple swing system ideals and how they look in the real world. This is the paper I was reading a few weeks ago that many of you had asked about.

Thanks to  Young-Hoo Kwon, Chris Como, Kunal Singhal, Sangwoo Lee, & Ki Hoon Han for sharing their research.

Assessment of Planarity of the Golf Swing Based on the Functional Swing Plane of the Clubhead and Motion Planes of the Body Points in Golf

This paper is true academic lingo so may be a little detailed and sciencey for some of you. Just a warning.

Enjoy. Very good information here. Hope you enjoy it.

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