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Monroe Community College Golf – 2009 National Champions

April 1st, 2010

The Perfect Season.  Many teams dream about. Very few ever accomplish it. The 2009 Monroe Community College Golf team did just that.  A win in every tournament played.  That is very rare in college golf and will go down as one the best seasons ever for NJCAA Division III Golf.

Congratulations to:

Ben Finn, Derek Doyle, Jeff Gasbarre, Nick Lomenzo, Chris Malec, Taylor Page, Tyler Phillips and Jordan Wilson.

"To the Victor go the Spoils"

"To the Victor go the Spoils"

Chris Malec heads to University of Louisville

December 7th, 2009

Chris Malec, Webster NY has been a student of mine for almost 6 years.  I met him right when he started to take the game seriously at about 13 years old.  He played hockey in the winter  and started playing golf between summer hocky tournaments.  Chris was always been a hard worker and it has been a joy working with him.  During High School, Chris was just starting to get his game so he could shoot around par quite a bit but never made any waves outside of our area.  AJGA events were few and far between but this never stopped Chris from practicing and pursuing his goal to play Div I golf. 

He was unable to find a place to play for his freshman year at a div I school he was interested in so he decided to come and play for me at Monroe Community College.  Chris ended up winning the NJCAA Div III Individual National Title and led our team to their 2nd NJCAA Div III National Team title in the last 4 years.

This got the attention of some colleges and I am proud to say that Chris will be leaving for Kentucky to play at Big East school, University of Louisville.  Congrats Chris and Good Luck!

Chris M Face On

Chris M Down the Line

My 1st Student

December 6th, 2009

I remember my first student well. He is someone that I still keep in close contact with. I had the honor recently of giving the induction speech for his entrance into the MCC Hall of Fame. He played college golf at MCC and SUNY Binghamton. He worked his way up to a Golfweek Amateur Ranking as high as 33 in the nation. He reached the round of 16 at the US Public Links. He was the NJCAA Division III National Champion and turned pro for a year holding a 69.25 stroke average for professional events.

He is my good friend Joe Kunz and I want to thank him for his eternal support and congratulate him on his induction into the MCC Hall of Fame.

Congratulations my Good Friend!!!!

MCC Hall of Fame


BTW-Where did my chin go?

John Graham Students Year in Review

November 24th, 2009
As winter quickly approaches here in Western New York, it seems appropriate to review the year as I have done in the past.  The strange thing about this year is that more news continues to come in.  More and more students have improved and work in warmer climates and continue to play tournament golf.  logo

Here’s a brief summary of summer event results:

8 Club Champions-Men’s, Women’s, Junior and Senior

Paychex Male College Athlete of the Year NCAA Division III Golf.

2 Players pass PAT and start PGA Apprentice Program.

MCC Hall of Fame Inductee

MCC National Champs and Individual National Champion

RDGA Junior Champion

5 Players in top 20 at New York State Amateur, Ryan Memorial Section Championship and at the Brook Lea Invitational.

College players ranked 2nd in the US for Division II and 4th in the US for Division III.

I gave my first PGA section level discussion on the topic of the D-Plane.

I want to thank Mark Sweeney, from Aimpoint Golf, for coming here and providing the green reading clinic.  I’ve added a place for questions about the system on my forum for anyone needing a little review. The other reason Mark came here was to certify me as an Authorized Aimpoint Instructor. I will be holding additional clinics as interest grows and I expect to be traveling around and showing it to other clubs and college golf teams.

As always, I will continue to try and improve my knowledge base and seek out information I believe will help my students achieve their goals. This fall I had conferences in Chicago and Washington DC along with many great teachers throughout the US, Canada and Europe. Slowly but surely my name is getting out there as I participate more and more in these situations.

This Fall Just Keeps Getting Worse

November 23rd, 2009

As you may recall, I was having problems with both elbows. a few weeks ago, I had arthroscopic surgery on my right elbow to resolve some minor UCL problems. next Tues, I was schedled to have cubital tunnel surgery on the left elbow to resolve probems with the ulnar nerve.

Well, on the way over to Manchester, NH, same clown pulls out right in from of me, and then locks on the brakes. I had no chance and plowed right into him. Air bags deploy, and my head was thrown into the driver’s side window, my right elbow pounded the stick shift, and now my right arm is in a sling. My new Evo is totalled, but Thank God my club clubs were not in the car. My son had to come get me, and my wonderful doctor stopped in he office today, took a quick X-ray, faxed it to my orthopedic guy’s house, and gave me a generous supply of Demerol. We may have a slight fracture of some bone, the the UCL did not show anythig on the X-ray.

John, I guess there is a bright side. This could be July, instead of November. I hope alll is going far better in Graham’s World than around here.