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John Graham on Golf in the Life

September 29th, 2014

For those of my subscribers that don’t spend much time of Facebook or Twitter, I wanted to share this three part podcast interview I did a few weeks ago. This interview goes into the backstory of me and how I worked social media and my business into my life schedule.

Hope you enjoy it and if you do, please consider sharing using the social media buttons located on the Golf in the Life Website.

Golf in the Life Part 1 – Becoming the AimPoint/Putting Guy

Golf in the Life Part 2 – Building a Business Around Your Specialty

Golf in the Life Part 3 – Crafting a Lifestyle

Adjustment to Aim from Lie Angle Change and Loft

October 22nd, 2013

Here’s a chart I’ve been meaning to share that was mostly put together by Erik Barzeski at Golf Evolution in Erie, PA.
I hope you enjoy it.


Faldo by Edel

January 16th, 2013

Faldo by Edel. Introducing a new business venture with Nick Faldo and David Edel. I’ve enclosed a PDF about the announcement and some links for you to read up on this exciting new venture.

Faldo by Edel PR

Nick Faldo’s Website

Edel Website

I look forward to seeing the innovations from this partnership. Congratulations to you both.


John Graham’s 2013 US PGA Merchandise Show Schedule

December 29th, 2012

This year, I will be missing most of the 2013 US PGA Merchandise Show. Up until recently, I had been telling people that I would not attend at all and wanted to use this blog to set the record straight on my Show Schedule.

I will be on the Show floor on Saturday, January 26th at the AimPoint/Edel booth.  It’s the only time I will be there. I will probably make a quick run around looking to see if any new putting club delivery systems are launched but other than that, I will hang out at the booth. Please stop by and say hello. I hope to meet as many new coaches and players as possible with the limited time I have. I know most of you will be gone by then or at least be done walking around the show floor but I felt this was the best way to let everyone know where I would be all at one time. I will be flying out Monday late afternoon after doing some AimPoint training at the Faldo Institute. Thank you to David Graham for allowing me to work there that day.

There will still be a Tweet-Up this year. It is being run by Sara Dickson and Ricky Lee Potts. It will be located at the BrickHouse Tap and Tavern on Thursday night. Please tweet Sara @sara_pga or Ricky @rickyleepotts for more details. Sorry I will miss everyone and I hope fun is had by all. Those have been a lot of fun the last couple years.

I hope every one had a great Holiday and has a Happy New Year.

John Graham


Roadkill Open in Cabo San Lucas to Benefit Phil Flowers

September 4th, 2012


Phil Flowers is Director of Instruction and Founder of the Performance Golf Institute. Phil is a recognized leader in science based instruction and sought after instructor for motion analysis based teaching. With over 20 years of teaching experience Phil has studied under and worked with leading teachers such at Hank Haney, Dr. Jim Suttie, and Butch Harmon. He has developed instructional programs integrating advanced technology into existing curriculums including the Pinehurst Golf Academy, Kiawah Island Golf School as well as several others. Prior to joining The Performance Golf Institute Phil was Director of Instruction for Fortesque Corporation a leading manufacturer of Motion Analysis Technology where he was integral to software development, training, product development, and Motion Analysis Certification for PGA Professionals.

On April 25th 2009 following participation in a charity golf event at Palmilla Golf Club, Phil was involved in a horrific automobile accident in which he was ejected from his vehicle and onto the highway. Phil sustained a series of injuries that included a massive brain injury, broken pelvis, compound fracture of his right leg along with a significant amount of cuts and other injuries. Only through a series of miracles was he able to survive even the accident itself. Upon seeing the accident a resident of an adjoining residential neighborhood who was a former Marine Medic was the first on the scene and intubated Phil with a ballpoint pen thus saving his life. Phil was transported to a local hospital where it became evident his injuries were far too life threatening to be treated locally. He was then Life Flighted to St. Lukes Hospital in Houston Texas. During the transport and subsequent to arriving Phil coded several times and was resuscitated through the use of electric shock. The prognosis was dire and Phil remained in a coma for over 3 months. With no brain activity and no chance for survival due to his injuries a decision was made to remove him from life support. The time scheduled for this was 9 PM so that friends and family that wished to could be present or say their goodbyes. At 7:30 PM Phil regained some level of consciousness but Doctors were unable to control his pain and he was placed in a medically induced coma for an additional three weeks. Upon reviving Phil the team of Doctors were not optimistic that he would ever recover enough to not be in some type of managed care facility. However they did not know the type of individual fortitude that Phil possessed. Within 3 months he had not only regained his ability to speak but began to relearn how to walk again as well as other occupational therapy skills. After 4 months Phil was released to a rehabilitation facility, however he was still confined to a wheel chair and suffering great pain. Phil was released from the rehab facility after only 30 days due to insurance issues and was tasked with rehabilitating himself. On December the 5th 2009 Phil walked unassisted into his Orthapedic Surgeon’s office to have an external fixator removed from his shattered leg. On January 1 2010 Phil’s insurance company dropped him as he had exceeded lifetime benefits and he has been unable to secure additional insurance to this date. Phil is in need of several ongoing treatments and surgeries for his left eye, right leg and the treatment of Osteomyelitis in his right foot. As you can imagine after a hospital bill that was in excess of $2,000,000.00 and with many treatments uncovered by insurance Phil’s debt is substantial and the goal of this Tournament is to help him recover some portion of the money needed for future treatments.

Phil is hoping to return to Teaching Golf in some capacity in the future and will be returning to reside in Houston Texas so that he can be near his loving daughter Peyton who just became a Freshman in High School.


For interested Professionals: Put together a foursome plus yourself as the Professional we will waive any Tournament fees and hook you up with all of the Parties and Dinners at no charge and you would be assured of playing with your team during the Horse Race and the Tournament.

For more complete information, please see their Facebook Page

I highly encourage everyone to consider this event for their members as Phil is a great guy and coach. I am working on being their myself and if I am would love to see you. Please keep me posted if you’ll be attending.

Please share this with other Golf Pros and Ams that you think would be interested in this opportunity.