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AimPoint Express at The Masters

April 12th, 2014

AimPoint Express is a new read from AimPoint Technologies developed in late 2013. It was initially designed to help 6-8 year old children learn how to aim and quickly grew into a completely new reading methodology.  There is no chart and no math. For those of you that have taken and AimPoint Fundamentals class or MidPoint Class in the past and felt it was too difficult or too time consuming, I highly encourage you to come back and take a look at AimPoint Express.

I have been teaching AimPoint Express for almost 4 months now and I can tell you the feedback has been fantastic. It has been adopted by almost all players that had previously done MidPoint/Fundamentals as it is so much easier to learn and do quickly. It has also been adopted by tour players as you’ll see in some videos here in a second.

The read isn’t designed to be as critical as MidPoint and allows for a much more input from the player to decide on a final target. AimPoint Express is designed to give you a baseline to start your read from. Another way to look at it is AimPoint Express puts you in the window of makeable reads and then allows you to make any adjustments for your touch or your gut as needed. That being said, it is shockingly accurate for how simple and easy it is to learn and apply. Like all green reading systems, the main skill is your ability to determine slope amount and AimPoint Express is no different.

If you’ve done AimPoint is the past and loved the idea but wished it was a little easier, your wish has been granted.

I will be traveling the US and the Globe teaching AimPoint Express and my schedule is filling quickly.  Short Game Secrets Schools with my partner James Ridyard also include the Express read as part of the agenda. If you are interested in either please feel free to leave a comment here or email me at I offer very fair revenue sharing rates for host professionals bringing AimPoint into their facilities. A list of upcoming classes I already have scheduled can be found here. John’s AimPoint Schedule.

Here are a couple videos from this year Masters Tournament that I hope wets your whistle about AimPoint Express.

AimPoint Express Review by Richie3Jack

March 12th, 2014

AimPoint Express is a new read that has been developed by AimPoint Technologies to give golfers another option for their green reading without the need for the AimChart.

This Blog post from Richie3Jack gives a nice review of the new read from the perspective of someone that has already been using AimPoint MidPoint.

I hope you enjoy it.

AimPoint Express Read Review



2014 US PGA Show AimPoint Classes

December 12th, 2013

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I’ll be offering 2 different levels of AimPoint Green Reading Classes on Monday, January, 20th at the Marriott Golf Academy in Orlando. There will be an Express Level class at 1:00pm showcasing the new Express Read. This class will last about an hour and will be a simple introduction to the AimPoint philosophy. This class does not include an AimChart and is designed for those looking for a simple and effective way to start training slope feel and it includes a simple strategy coaches can take home to help their juniors and beginner players.

At 2:30pm, I will be offering an AimPoint Advanced Level class for those that have already taken the AimPoint Fundamentals class and are looking for strategies to handle longer putts and those with multiple breaks or mulitple planes. This class will also not include an AimChart as the attendees are expected to bring their current AimChart with them. This class will last about 2 to 2.5 hours and will cover all the other situations encountered so you can deal with any putt you may run across while playing.

For the PGA Show, I will offering special pricing and taking advanced registration by pre-payment only.

Express Level Class – $50 per person with a max class size of 15 (Register Here)

Advanced Level Class – $125 per person with a max class size of 8 (Register Here)

These are NOT certification courses.

Look forward to seeing you there.



AimPoint Technologies vs. Vector Putting, LLC – Lawsuit Settlement

July 2nd, 2013

Here is a copy of the press release from today (7/2/2013) discussing the settlement of the lawsuit concerning AimPoint Technologies and Vector Putting, LLC.

“AimPoint Technologies (AimPoint) has agreed to settle its lawsuit against Vector Putting LLC (Vector), Michael Schy, and David Balbi for a Consent Final Judgment, a Permanent Injunction, and a Retraction of incorrect statements.

As part of the Settlement Agreement, Vector, Schy and Balbi have made the following statement:

“To the extent Vector Putting, LLC, Michael Schy and David Balbi have created confusion in the marketplace and to correct or set the record straight, Vector Putting, LLC, Michael Schy and David Balbi started their business utilizing AimPoint Technologies’ data and methods. AimPoint Technologies’ business is not based upon Templeton methods or calculations and statements by Vector Putting, LLC, Michael Schy and David Balbi claiming or inferring that AimPoint Technologies has copied or utilized Templeton are incorrect. Based upon the above retraction by Vector Putting, LLC, Michael Schy and David Balbi and other terms contained in a Settlement Agreement, AimPoint Technologies has agreed to settle its claims against Vector Putting, LLC, Michael Schy and David Balbi in pending litigation.”

AimPoint filed a lawsuit against Vector, Schy and Balbi in United States District Court in the Middle District of Florida on Jan. 13, 2012 (Gamecraft, LLC et al v. Vector Putting, LLC et al, Case Number: 6:12-cv-00051-JA-KRS) which included claims against Vector and two of its founders, Michael Schy and David Balbi for False Advertising, Unfair Competition, Conversion, and Tortious Interference. Defendants Schy and Balbi were both former AimPoint Certified Instructors, who, shortly after their certifications were revoked, launched Vector Putting LLC in 2011.

Mark Sweeney, Founder and Managing Member of AimPoint Technologies, issued the following statement:

“Our goal in this action has always been to protect our intellectual property and to set the record straight in the market regarding incorrect statements made by Vector and its representatives.”

Vector Putting, LLC is based in San Carlos, CA and was founded by Michael Schy, David Balbi, and David McDougal and names Nick Middleton of Zen Oracle as their Director of Operations, Europe and Asia.”

The link for the press release is

Updated Spring Schedule for AimPoint Classes

April 8th, 2013

Just thought I’d take a quick second and update everyone to the current schedule I’m teaching this Spring for AimPoint classes.

Here we go:

April 19-20 Oxmoor CC, Louisville, Kentucky

April 28th Hudson National CC, North of New York City, New York (closed to members only)

May 5th Webster GC, Rochester, NY

May 7th Mendon CC, Mendon, NY (closed to members only)

May 11th Boonsboro CC, Lynchburg, Virginia

May 24th RiverBend GC, London, Ontario, Canada (closed to members only)

May26th Wyndance CC, Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

June 1st-2nd Sandwich Hollows, Cape Cod, Mass

June 8th-9th Jumping Brook CC, Monmouth, New Jersey

June 22nd Cragun’s Run, Brainerd, Minnesota

Summer Dates starting in July are coming online but most weekends still available for those looking to host a class.

Some of these classes are available for immediate registration online by following this link.

You can use the PayPal buttons provided for those classes where offered.

Hope to see you at a class and #makeeverything