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John Graham on Golf in the Life

September 29th, 2014

For those of my subscribers that don’t spend much time of Facebook or Twitter, I wanted to share this three part podcast interview I did a few weeks ago. This interview goes into the backstory of me and how I worked social media and my business into my life schedule.

Hope you enjoy it and if you do, please consider sharing using the social media buttons located on the Golf in the Life Website.

Golf in the Life Part 1 – Becoming the AimPoint/Putting Guy

Golf in the Life Part 2 – Building a Business Around Your Specialty

Golf in the Life Part 3 – Crafting a Lifestyle

AimPoint Express Talk at the 2014 US Open

June 11th, 2014

AimPoint Express Logo

Here’s a nice little video that aired on the Golf Channel last night I thought you’d like to see. Certainly, you’ll be seeing this blasted all over social media but I thought I’d add it here for those that don’t participate in those platforms.

Hope you enjoy it.


AimPoint Express and Speed of Play

May 23rd, 2014

AimPoint Express

AimPoint Express continues to add more and more tour players to it’s stable. Many times in the past, players and coaches were concerned at how long it would take to use the AimPoint system.

Here’s a little video with 2 players at the Masters. One using Express and other is not. You tell me which way takes longer.

What’s New with John Graham

May 16th, 2014

Just wanted to take a second and fill you in on some upcoming events and new happenings.

Earlier this week, a magazine in the UK named Today’s Golfer featured a DVD from our Short Game Secrets video download series.  The DVD is attached to each magazine they put on newsstands and offers a 25% discount code for those interested in purchasing the full set. James Ridyard and I are excited and honored to be featured so prominently in a very popular Golf Magazine like Today’s Golfer. Considering that Short Game Secrets is less than a year old, it speaks to the value this series can offer players and coaches. It isn’t information that you’ll find in the typical video you download and for that reason is a little pricier than most. Here’s a picture of the magazine:

Today's Golfer Short Game Secrets

Upcoming Workshops in Europe this Summer

I’ll be traveling to Europe again this July to do some workshops and meet with some good friends. Travel plans haven’t been finalized but I’ll likely show up for The Open and then stay till the end of the month. After The Open, James and I are trying to organize a PGA Workshop at The Belfry on the Monday after the tournament. Details are still in the works.
After that, I’ll be traveling to Germany to do a 1 day Workshop with Ian Peek. Here’s a flyer for the workshop discussing all the details needed.

Click to see larger

Immediately following my workshop in Germany, I’ll be headed to Austria for a two day workshop with Christoph Bausek. This workshop will include a day for club players/amateurs and another day for professionals. Here’s the link for information on this workshop:

Scoring Clinic with Christoph Bausek and John Graham

Aside from these events, I’ll be traveling the US offering AimPoint Express Classes as well. Information on these can be found at my clinic website.

John Graham’s AimPoint Clinics

AimPoint Express at The Masters

April 12th, 2014

AimPoint Express is a new read from AimPoint Technologies developed in late 2013. It was initially designed to help 6-8 year old children learn how to aim and quickly grew into a completely new reading methodology.  There is no chart and no math. For those of you that have taken and AimPoint Fundamentals class or MidPoint Class in the past and felt it was too difficult or too time consuming, I highly encourage you to come back and take a look at AimPoint Express.

I have been teaching AimPoint Express for almost 4 months now and I can tell you the feedback has been fantastic. It has been adopted by almost all players that had previously done MidPoint/Fundamentals as it is so much easier to learn and do quickly. It has also been adopted by tour players as you’ll see in some videos here in a second.

The read isn’t designed to be as critical as MidPoint and allows for a much more input from the player to decide on a final target. AimPoint Express is designed to give you a baseline to start your read from. Another way to look at it is AimPoint Express puts you in the window of makeable reads and then allows you to make any adjustments for your touch or your gut as needed. That being said, it is shockingly accurate for how simple and easy it is to learn and apply. Like all green reading systems, the main skill is your ability to determine slope amount and AimPoint Express is no different.

If you’ve done AimPoint is the past and loved the idea but wished it was a little easier, your wish has been granted.

I will be traveling the US and the Globe teaching AimPoint Express and my schedule is filling quickly.  Short Game Secrets Schools with my partner James Ridyard also include the Express read as part of the agenda. If you are interested in either please feel free to leave a comment here or email me at I offer very fair revenue sharing rates for host professionals bringing AimPoint into their facilities. A list of upcoming classes I already have scheduled can be found here. John’s AimPoint Schedule.

Here are a couple videos from this year Masters Tournament that I hope wets your whistle about AimPoint Express.