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A list of John Graham’s AimPoint Classes can be found here including US, INTL classes and merchandise.

JG’s AimPoint Golf Clinics

In order to make it easier for readers that follow this very specific topic, I created this page to hold all of the AimPoint Golf blog posts.


John Graham

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AimPoint Golf Green Reading

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  1. Seems like Tiger Woods has lost his magic right now. What a miserable finish in the Florida Championship.

  2. I’m not sure there is a better resource for aimpoint online anywhere. Nice!

  3. John Graham says:

    Thanks Kev. The power of twitter put to work. I have a bunch of cool things to tell you.


  4. Alan says:

    Hi John.
    I was recommended to your site by a friend. I am based in England.

    Do you have any literature or the like to give a newcomer a starting point ?

  5. John Graham says:


    I would simply go through the above posts. Start with the post that says part 1. Go through that series until complete, then return to the top of the list and read off the rest.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


  6. Jeanne says:

    Thanks for posting so much information. Your explanation of the D plane is the easiest for me to understand. Still tough for an old pro taught with Wiren’s book many years ago. If what you say about the closer the two vectors are, the more path influences where the ball starts, would the old Lynx low profile clubs have a much different reaction on trackman than a new big faced iron? Has equipment dictated some of this physics or has this been the way since Old Tom Morris?
    Jeanne Sutherland
    PGA Professional

  7. John Graham says:


    Thanks for the kind words.

    The main thing the changes the balls location direction is the amount of friction created not so such the proximity of the vectors as I mentioned in the video. I need to do a slight update on that part.

    It’s possible that the golf balls used many years ago were so soft that the ball stayed on the face long enough for the path to have the majority say but all the people I’ve talked to say that it is unlikely.

    The clubs won’t really determine that much unless they help with the friction increase.

    I hope that helps.


  8. wanted to tell you that i really appreciate this blog.. i’ve put you on my reader for rss subscriptions

  9. Chong Vidana says:

    Thanks for providing such information. jhfibfd

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