2011 PGA Merchandise Show – Day 2

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On day 2 of the PGA Merchandise Show, I had my meeting with the CEO and lead engineer for Flightscope.  The meeting took about an hour and was quite productive.  Henri Johnson (CEO) spent a little time telling me about the company and its vision along with some of the new features in the Flightscope X2.  After that, we went to the indoor range and hit some iron shots so I could see how the machine was doing compared to my last Trackman vs. Flightscope post.  I will discuss that review in a separate post but needless to say we shot some video that I will include showing my golf swing (oh no) and some guesses I took about my own angle of attack.  I will write that post after I receive the video files so it has all the required information to continue my tradition of strict but fair reviews and then I’ll update it after I have a chance to use the machine on grass.

The next think on my schedule was a quick little interview with Ralph Perez from the Gotham Golf Blog.  It was just a short little 2 minute video giving a little introduction to AimPoint Green Reading. That was fun and different talking into a little camera from a live location. I’m quite curious to see how it came out.  I ran into Brian Manzella, Mike Finney and Michael Jacobs. Mike Finney and I talked for a little bit about the teaching summit and a couple other things. Somehow I forgot to congratulate Brian about making the top 100 but I sent him a text later and was able to congratulate him in person the next day.

I spent some time at the AimPoint booth meeting professionals from all over the world and talking about the best green reading system out there. Had a great talk with Steven Giuliano of Australia about AimPoint.  We met on Twitter and Facebook like many of the professionals I have been working with lately and will be a fantastic resource for me in the future.  There were over 75 people that stopped by the booth to request information about becoming certified or hosting a clinic.  Thanks to Jamie Donaldson, Jason Goldsmtih, Tim Tucker, Mike Schy, David Balbi, and Mark Sweeney for manning the booth and doing all the work. That’s right. I wasn’t very helpful and feel quite guilty. Next time will be different.

Later that night, I attended a get together with many of the Plane Truth coaches at Jim Hardy’s house and it was a pleasure to see Jim again.  It was also the first time I really had a chance to spend some time with Duncan Woolger and a bunch of the AimPoint Senior Instructors.  There was beer and pizza plus great conversation across many aspects of swing theory and green reading.  I also had a chance to talk with JP Harrington about the new wedges (JP Wedges) that were being displayed as part of the Edel and AimPoint booth.  A great guy that has a fantastic wedge fitting system you will hear about in the future.

Crash's EmmyRight toward the end of the evening, a traumatic experience happened to a good friend of mine and it was all Swinkey’s fault (sarcasm). Jamie Donaldson had gone out to Mark’s truck to get the Swinkey he had just purchased.  He wanted to show it to some of the Plane Truth teachers.  Unexpectedly, both halves of the hatch opened up from the back of Mark’s truck and a few things fell out.  Sadly, one of the things was Mark’s Emmy award. That’s right. The actual Emmy Award Trophy.  Needless to say we now know that when Emmys land on concrete the concrete wins (click on image to better view the damage).  Mark handled it wonderfully and we now have a new nickname for Jamie that came from Jason Goldsmith. Crash.



  1. Ron Martin says:

    Sorry I didn’t get to meet you. I dint do well with crowds and for some reason this years show was crowded. I have never liked the ” if your not here to place n order, I font have time for you ” vibe. Demo Day is great. A litke windy hhis year but fun. Got to hit the new R11 with a Ozik shaft and a 3 wood with an Oban. Liked them. Alot.

    I’ll bet the Hardy cult is proud of Kuchar. There was quite a line to get his autograph. Bridgestone us really making a push. Great golf ball by the way but if I had to pay for balls it would be the Penta. Just a great all around golf ball.

    I would like to talk to you about hosting an AP clinic this spring in Chicago.

  2. John Graham says:


    I hadn’t been to the show in over 10 years and I thought it was quite crowded as well. I really wasn’t expecting that. There were only a few things that I really had a chance to look at.

    I think the Plane Truthers really believe in what they are doing and Matt sure is a symbol of there success.

    I will send you an email about the AimPoint Clinic.

    Thanks again for the comment.


  3. Ron Martin says:

    Awesome. I’m kind of in the middle. Obviously it depends on what one can do physically as to what plane you can reasonably swing on. There are couple Hardy disciples up here that have people swinging so flat they either hook it the planet or push it. There is no straight ball unless they just get lucky. Their pivots ate just too rotary. No lateral move to start the sequence. Also, the PTers jump right into ball striking without any regard to the rest of the game. I prefer to coach people to play the game of golf. Not the golf swing. That’s just me :-)

  4. J R says:

    Please forgive my ignorance, but please enlighten me on what a ball flight analyser does, is it possible for this machine to glean info such as centeredness of hit, actual or virtual club head speed, amount of flex and rebound of the shaft, or shaft tourque. I assume that the readings are generated by computations based on the ball flight after the ball is struck, Is there any actual swing data captured before impact?
    Thank you for your patience and understanding
    Best of 2012 for you!
    Gung Hei Fat Choi!

  5. John Graham says:


    The Ball Flight analysers like Trackman and Flightscope can provide all the relevant club delivery information as well as the ball flight information. Swing direction, angle of attack and things like that are all measured by these machines and measured before impact. Certainly, some of them are calculated from ball impact but some are measured pre-impact.


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