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Dec 14, 2010

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Dear John,

Welcome to the AimPoint community of people who are educating themselves on how to systematically and accurately read greens.  When you become engaged in the AimPoint program, you quickly realize that green-reading is an education, not a quick tip. But once learned, it is knowledge that will stay with you for your entire golfing career since it is based on the laws of physics which never change.

Gravity Fact of the Month:

“If you could turn off gravity, it is mathematically predicted that space and time would also vanish!”

Still think a ball can break uphill?

Where Am I?

Green-Reading is about location-Where Am I? You’ll often hear me say about a misread that the golfer didn’t know “where he was.” What that means is he didn’t properly identify the ball’s position on the slope, and that is the art of green-reading.  If you can identify where you are putting “from”, then you can accurately determine the break.  It’s like using a road map–if I know where I am then I can use the map to get anywhere else.  But if I don’t know where I am, the map is useless and I could drive around aimlessly lost forever. So learning AimPoint is partially about learning how to find where you are on the green (your position relative to the Zero Line), and partially about how to read the map correctly (how much does the ball break from here). Start thinking in these terms and the whole process will get simpler and simpler to understand.
How To Be Quick

I used to work in R&D at a high-tech company where we had a saying about new technology:

“First it has to work, then it has to work fast.”

When it comes to green-reading, you need to come up with an accurate read quickly.  Firstly, because you dont want people waiting on you, and secondly, because if your process takes too long you’ll abandon it.  When you first learn AImPoint concepts you’re working on the “first it has to work” piece–you’re learning the concepts and gaining tust in the physics behind the system.  But then integrating the AimPoint process into your game is the next crucial step of “then it has to work fast.”  Learn to start your read early–from the fairway–and then practice the process until it becomes an almost sub-conscious procedure.  The entire process is a matter of:

  1. Locating where your ball is, meaning it’s position relative to the Zero Line
  2. Determining the break from there based on the amount of slope

Every read should be the same process–Where am I, and What is the break from there?  So every read begins with knowing where straight is–the Zero Line. If you practice this process on every putt it will very quickly be natural and extremely quick.  Golfers who are fluent at AimPoint take only 15-20 seconds to read any putt.  If you do that no one will read greens and putt faster than you.

Where Do You Want To Putt From?

We all intuitively understand that some putts are easier to make than others, but here is a bit of interesting info from the computer simulations of putting.  It takes a computer the longest time to calculate the break from the 1:00-2:00 positions, then each angle is progressively faster as it works its way down to the 6:00 position (straight uphill).  The reason it takes longer on the downhill breaking putts is that those putts are more sensitive to speed and aim errors.  In other words, small changes in aim and speed have proportionally bigger effects on where the putt ends up.  Clearly you want to avoid these positions if possible, because even with a good read and speed, they are still easier to miss due to their inherent sensitivity to errors.  Statisically you’ll make the most putts from between 5:00 and 7:00, or less than 30 degrees uphill.

AimPoint iPhone v2.0

Version 2.0 of the iPhone app will be release in Jan 2011 with several enhancements, the biggest of which is the addition of speed info. In addition to Aim, you will also get an equivalent distance for how hard to hit the putt.  Stayed tuned for more on how to use this. I am also planning on creating an Android version but dont know the release date yet.

Any feedback on improving the app would be greatly appreciated.  Please email suggestions to
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If you would like me to cover any specific topics in future newsletters, please email me at

Play Well,
Mark Sweeney
AimPoint Technologies
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