AimPoint Golf Clinic Reviews

AimPoint with line Here’s a couple AimPoint Clinic Reviews I’ve received in the last couple days.  Many of you know me as a fairly critical receiver of information. There aren’t many things that I find that really jump on board with everything in my being.  AimPoint Green Reading is one of those things.

I’m sure sometimes it comes off a little too promotional but this information is really good. So many golfers need to understand how to actually read the green. In its simplest form, AimPoint is just the logical explanation of why the ball does what it does.

Here they are:


Just wanted to give you some feedback after having taken the Aimpoint information you gave me last Sunday and putting it in practice during the 3 rounds I played this past week. Frankly, the improvement to my putting has been nothing short of fantastic!

What’s been interesting to me is that I haven’t “mapped out” any green that I have played to date, but rather just put the principles you gave us, i.e. walking around the green, estimating the % slope of the green, locating the straight line, etc.

Before your clinic, I just tried to “figure out” what the break would be by crouching down behind the ball and/or hole and guessing the line.  I had so much doubt over the ball that it’s a wonder anything went in!  The Aimpoint system has changed my mental approach to putting which has gone from self-doubt, wondering if I was aimed correctly; blaming a missed putt on poor mechanics, to standing over the putt, convinced I have the right line and just feeling how hard I have to hit the ball to have it go 4 to 8 inches past the hole.

The only other thing I have been doing is using the 3-coin drill you gave us.  THAT drill is fantastic and pointed out to me how poor my speed control really was.  It’s improved tremendously, which no doubt has contributed to my making more putts.  Even my son has noticed how confident I am in my putting these days!”

And another from Richie3Jacks Forum:

Hello folks, as some of you may have already heard from me that I have 2 kids who are competitive junior golfers, with no aspiration to go pro, but compete at elite level with those who do want to turn pro if possible later.

Relatively, their game is the weakest with putting. (comparing with their ball striking, their putting is primitive). With hesitation, i signed both of them up for the John Graham clinic at New York Country Club this past Saturday and I would like to provide some feedback on the clinic and response from my kids. I hesitated because my younger one is only 10 and i think she may be too young to absorb the materials.

First of, the people at the New York CC are very nice; the pros participated in the clinic with the students and they are gracious.

John Graham is highly intelligent, articulate, easy to relate to. Without going into details what he taught and shared (you really have to be there to go through the exercises), I admit what he has presented are things that my kids sorely lacked all these years. It is sad that they never looked at the green and putting in the way John has suggested. It is mind boggling and laughable. Looking back, without John’s teaching materials, my kids literally were walking onto the green like schmucks, trying to second guess nature at the last second.

my older one has not had time to play around with the info since the lesson. my younger did.

she had a competition the next day. on the practice green, she practiced the way John had taught. In 10 mins, she seemed into it already. I have never seen her so focused on the putting. she was busy checking out the green, referencing the charts, like a light bulb finally lit up in her head.

what i did was that i would position a ball on the green and she would assess it and get it ready to go. we repeated it multiple times. it took her about 10 seconds to get ready and go after going through the step suggested by John. As a father who probably had multiple silent heart attacks watching this kid of mine putting in the past, i choked up seeing her “all of a sudden” enlightened. Putting after all is doable.

She later followed the same regimen in the competition. i can attest this: for lag putts, she got much closer. for shorter putts, she made many more than she usually would.

what can i say? awesome experience and well worth the fee because i think my kids’ perspective on putting is positively changed from now on. John also shared a lot of “green” knowledge, such as how to read the green from a distance, optimal putting speed, etc,etc. i don’t think my kid will look at putting greens like the past anymore.

Prior to the clinic, I told John that I am worried about my younger one dealing with so many numbers on the chart. He related that in fact some kids find this system easier to adopt because they do not have much or other preconceived notions about putting. which is exactly what happened to my younger one. incredible!”

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