Aiming the Putter

I’ve mentioned before that there are 4 pieces of the puzzle to make putts.  Again, those 4 pieces are where to aim, actually aiming the putter there, hitting it the correct distance and a stroke that starts the ball on the line intended.  All the work that I have done with AimPoint Golf has been on the where to aim piece.

It is becoming more and more clear that once determining where to aim, actually getting the player to aim there needs to come next.  Where to aim and actually aiming there are the pieces that we do before the stroke begins.  Because of this, we should strive to perfect these pieces.  AimPoint Golf Green Reading will help you to determine where to aim.  An Edel putter will help with the aim part and let me give you some more ideas on how to practice aiming.

Without lasers, aiming is a two person job during practice.  One person is trying to aim and other person is helping them and confirming.  Since learning and teaching AimPoint Green Reading, my desire to draw a line on the ball has increased.  I have drawn a line on the ball for quite a while and I highly recommend it to all that struggle aiming well.  Consistently practice aiming the line on the ball.  This is no easy task and requires a fair amount of practice to do it correctly and quickly.  I’ll say it again. Do not take this practice lightly.

First practice aiming the ball at the center of the hole from 5, 10, 15 and 20 feet.  Studies show that most people can not aim correctly from beyond 8 feet so do not take this lightly.  Confirm that you’ve aimed the line on the ball accurately by stepping back and looking at it.  If it is incorrect, please fix it. Do no stand there knowing the ball is aimed incorrectly and convince yourself to line up the putter off the line on the ball.  This is a recipe for disaster.  You can use a plumb bobbing motion to try and extend the line on the ball to the hole.  To do this, line up the edge of the shaft from the putter with the line on the ball.  Look up the shaft to see where an extension of the line is.  Be careful that the shaft is the same width throughout the length of the shaft so you are getting an accurate extension.

Next, practice trying to determine where different amounts are from the edge of the hole.  For example, you may make a reading with AimPoint and get an aiming point of 21 inches.  Use the line on the ball, and try to aim it where you think 21 inches is off the edge.  After you have your ball aimed at a spot, measure 21 inches off the edge perpendicular to the putt being hit and see how you did.  Once again, the ability to do this accurately is very, very difficult.  You will get the most out of it working with a partner.  Try different distances to aim off the edge from different distances away from the hole.  This is a constant process of improvement.  Work together and keep working on it.  It should be a regular part of practice like hitting balls.

I grant you that these things can be a little boring, but you will see results if you do them.

So, practice your aim and keep working with AimPoint Green Reading.  You will make more putts.